US Embassy Spokesman Comments on International Students

Embassy spokesman in Beijing comments on student visa restrictions

China asks Biden to relax student visas restrictions It is quite clear that former President Donald Trump always intended to reduce legal immigration levels and curb irregular immigration. Therefore, between 2017 and 2021, his administration pursued multiple action plans aimed at restricting immigration in general and narrowing the alternatives available to all kinds of foreign…

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Educational Institutions Celebrate Biden’s Decision

Education sector welcomes the DHS decision

Biden withdraws rule on international students In September 2020, former President Donald Trump’s administration proposed issuing student visas under fixed time period, like most visas in the US. To understand the issue at hand, it is important to explain that most student visas are currently issued under duration of status, which means that foreign students…

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China Asks the US to Ease Restrictions on Student Visas

China asks Biden to lift restrictions on student visa process

Trump’s restrictions on Chinese students Immigration was always a mainstay for the Trump administration, but in a rather strict way. The former president took over the White House with the ideal of reducing immigration levels in the US by all possible means and at all costs. Thus, between 2017 and 2021, his administration made hundreds…

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Biden’s DHS Withdraws Trump’s Rule on International Students

The Biden administration withdraws limitation on international students

The Biden administration withdraws limitation on international students On Tuesday, July 6, 2021, Biden’s DHS (Department of Homeland Security) withdrew a rule proposed by the Trump administration, which would substantially hinder the visa process for international students and other qualified foreigners. What was Trump’s proposal about? In September 2020, the Trump administration published an NPRM…

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USCIS Expands Employment Authorization for Victims of Crime

USCIS will issue employment permits for U nonimmigrant status petitioners

U Visa – Victims of Crime It is no secret that the presence of immigrants has always been part of the US’ culture. In fact, the local immigration system is quite extensive and offers a wide variety of options for all kinds of foreign populations. Adding to that, apart from benefiting from the presence of…

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Foreign Students Stranded Due to Backlog of Visa Applications

Reducing the backlog of visa applications will take time

Educational Institutions concerned about the reduction of foreign student enrollment It is quite evident that the current world situation goes beyond a health crisis. The sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic and its massive spread in almost every corner of the planet profoundly affected multiple sectors of society as we know it and delayed…

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The US Must Act Before Canada Attracts More Foreign Entrepreneurs

The US must improve its immigration system to attract foreign entrepreneurs

Programs for foreign entrepreneurs in the US Immigration, and the presence of foreigners in general, has always been quite an important element in the socioeconomic development of the US. In fact, having the largest economy in the world, one would think that the US has an immigration system that offers different alternatives for foreigners interested…

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Bill to Strengthen the Health System with Foreign Professionals

Bill could benefit foreign professionals and the health system

Foreign workers are essential to the health system According to official figures from the MPI (Migration Policy Institute), about 29% of physicians in the US are foreign workers and 38% of home health aides are also professionals who come from different countries. This is quite a high figure considering that the US has had a…

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Biden Reverses Trump Order Related to Immigrant Healthcare Services

Biden reverses immigrant health care services rule

Biden reverses immigrant health care services rule Each government has priorities, goals, and sectors that it focuses on more than others. For instance, immigration has been absolutely essential for the last two administrations of the US, although both have a diametrically opposite stance. The current administration, headed by President Joe Biden, has a rather welcoming…

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The USCIS Suspends Certain Requirements for H-4 and L-2 Visa Holders

The USCIS suspends biometric requirements to renew H-4 and L-2 visas

H-4 and L-2 visas The US immigration system offers family immigration alternatives, which are also related to business immigration. Let’s look at two of the most important examples: H-4 Visa: This legal permit is available to dependent spouses of H-1B visa holders, who are highly qualified foreign workers. L-2 Visa: This legal permit is available…

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