Need Help with an Immigration Case Within the US?

Do you need to extend your legal permit in the US?

Documented-Undocumented Immigrants – Brief Explanation The surge of illegal border crossings that has taken place since President Joe Biden took office in late January 2021 has sparked a gigantic debate regarding the US immigration system, especially when it comes to massive irregular migration. Interestingly, the attention of the American public and the national news network…

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Visa Application Delays Increase Immigration Controversy

Immigration application backlog increases pressure on the Biden administration

The immigration sector has the attention of the American population Throughout history, immigration has always been a controversial and conversational topic in the US. With this, we mean that it is a sector that generates different reactions and opinions among the American public, including members of Congress and different political parties. This is mainly due…

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International Students may Now Submit their Employment Applications Online

USCIS: International students may submit their employment applications now

Options for foreign students to gain work experience in the US Thousands of foreigners from all over the world choose the US to complete their higher education and, where possible, to gain work experience. One of the programs available for international students is the F-1 visa, which allows them to access a period of study…

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DOS Resumes Fiancé(e) and Immigrant Visa Applications

DOS allows the issuance of fiancé(e) and immigrant visas around the world

Visa restrictions on grounds of health emergency The Coronavirus outbreak was extremely massive and spread uncontrollably and rapidly in almost every corner of the world, forcing governments to implement strict measures and adopt unconventional strategies to mitigate the impact of the health crisis and its repercussions on the economy and the global market. In the…

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Limits and Restrictions at US Embassies Delay J-1 Visas

Capacity limits at embassies around the world affect J-1 visas

J-1 Visa – Brief Explanation The US immigration system offers a wide variety of options for foreigners to apply for legal residence permits, either temporary or permanent. This North American country receives thousands of migrants and non-migrants annually through different programs available to foreign workers, international students, vulnerable immigrant communities such as asylum seekers, relatives…

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Several Institutions ask the Biden Government to Issue Student Visas

Coalition of institutions ask the current administration to allow new foreign students

Delays in immigration processes affect educational institutions in the US The US immigration system is currently overloaded due to a backlog of immigration cases of all kinds, from applications for humanitarian programs such as political asylum, to applications based on employment or study. There are multiple variants that have substantially delayed immigration processes and are…

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Advocates Sue Biden Over Visa Restrictions

Advocates involve Biden in lawsuit Trump was previously facing

Visa restrictions on grounds of health emergency  Aside from the fact that former President Trump always had the unwavering intention of reducing immigration at all costs, the sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly allowed his administration to adopt unconventional emergency measures during the health crisis, which substantially restricted immigrant and non-immigrant programs. To…

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Foreign Student Enrollment

Enrollment of foreign students decreased considerably during 2020

The impact of the pandemic on student immigration in the US The global Coronavirus pandemic paused immigration almost completely in most countries around the world, affecting some sectors more than others. For instance, colleges and universities in the US rely heavily on foreign students to provide subsidies to American students and improve infrastructure for quality…

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Crime Victims Expect Improvement in the Immigration System

The U Visa process is "broken"

Visa program for crime victims The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services), which is the entity in charge of processing immigration applications in the country, offers a wide variety of programs for different immigrant and non-immigrant communities. With this, we refer to alternatives available both for vulnerable populations such as asylum seekers and refugees, as…

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Foreign Students Struggle due to Trump’s Travel Ban

Foreign students have not been able to apply for their visas

The US opens its doors to foreign students again The health crisis caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic tremendously affected the education sector in the US. Local colleges and universities had to adopt strategies to transform the teaching method and be able to teach classes virtually while the threat to public health diminished. Adding to…

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