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Our experienced immigration attorneys have helped many families obtain their green cards through family sponsored visas.

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The attorneys at Motion Law understand the importance of having an immigration attorney you can confidently trust for your family immigration needs. We specialize in bringing families together to live a happy life in the US We know that family unity is important for overall happiness and prosperity and family based petitions are the most common and traditional way to obtain a green card.

A US citizen has the ability to sponsor their fiancé, spouse, parent, children, and siblings for a green card. A lawful permanent resident can sponsor their spouses and unmarried children. Immediate relatives of a US citizen do not have to wait in line to obtain a visa after their petition has been approved. If you are not an immediate relative of a US citizen, you may have to wait in line in order to obtain your visa under the family preference category. Motion Law will help you to understand the two different types of family categories for family-based visas. For more information about the processes, please contact us today.

The difference between the two categories is set by USCIS as follows:

Immediate Relatives

Immediate family members whom US Citizens can sponsor:

  • Spouse
  • Parent, if you are 21 or older
  • Unmarried child under 21

Family Preference

Other family members whom US citizens can sponsor:

  • Unmarried sons and daughters (21 or older)
  • Married sons and daughters
  • Siblings

If you are not a US Citizen but are a lawful permanent resident (LPR) or green card holder, you are able to sponsor your spouse, unmarried children under 21, and unmarried children over 21.

To better understand the two family categories and the waiting times that apply for your own family based petition, contact us today. We can help ease your stress and facilitate your process with our expert team of immigration attorneys. Do not risk your future, schedule a free consultation with one of Motion Law's experienced immigration attorneys!

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