The US Could Change its View on the Immigration Sector

The future of the US and the transformation of immigration policy

The future of the US and the transformation of immigration policy

Demographic transformations in the US always influence the country’s economic dynamics. In light of this fact, immigration has a key role to play in economic development in the coming years due to the low population growth of the last decade.

The US Census Bureau projects that the retirement-age population will be increasing, coupled with a considerable reduction in the percentage of native-born working-age people. These figures open the possibility of building a plan for the future that includes changes in immigration policies.

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Myths influencing immigration policy

Many of today’s immigration policies were implemented several decades ago and that is why they sometimes cater to myths or misconceptions about immigrant populations. Under these assumptions, the welfare of American citizens is supposedly reduced, as they have fewer resources for social investment.

However, these misconceptions are not a reflection of the overall immigration picture. On the contrary, modifying regulations on the immigration sector could bring great benefits to the economy.

Aside from that, there are a number of facts that reveal a decline in the number of people living in the US; thus, it is important that policies going forward take these statistics into account.

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Immigration’s potential contributions to the economic system

If the current administration enacts considerable changes to immigration policies, it would allow more foreign workers to live in the US, which could be a guarantee for long-term economic development.

Other benefits of a possible transformation of immigration laws include:

  • Contributions in sustaining and innovating local businesses that, as they expand, need more and more qualified personnel.
  • If foreigners residing in the country contribute to tax collection, this could increase federal investment for social, cultural and economic projects.
  • Multicultural exchange stimulates global growth as local products and services are not only offered within the country, but internationally as well.
  • Having a stable working-age population ensures the sustainability of the retirement-age population.

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While immigration reform is underway

As mentioned above, there are many benefits that immigration reform could bring. However, in the meantime, hundreds of foreign nationals continue to contribute their skills to the US.

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