Research – Immigrant Children Often Stand Out

Children of immigrants have exceled throughout history

Children of immigrants have exceled throughout history Recent research reveals that, at least over the past 100 years, the children of immigrants have excelled more than American children. Official data show how immigrant communities, even those that came to the US in poverty, have been able to move up the social class ladder thanks to…

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Family Immigration Processing Delays Affect American Citizens

Families waiting for IR-5 Visa authorization

Families waiting for IR-5 Visa authorization Parents of American citizens living outside the US have raised their voices regarding delays in the IR-5 visa approval process. To understand the issue at hand, it is important to explain that the IR-5 visa allows American citizens to bring their parents from abroad through the lawful permanent residency…

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Judge Bars Biden from Deporting Immigrant Families Under Title 42

Biden can no longer expel immigrant families under Title 42

Biden can no longer expel immigrant families under Title 42 On Thursday, September 16, a federal judge for the District of Columbia released his verdict, in a 58-page document, regarding Title 42 as a means to expel immigrant families in border territory. In his ruling, the federal judge ordered the Biden administration to stop using…

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Biden to Expedite Processing of Immigrant Families at the Borders

Biden's plan to process immigrant families at the borders

The Biden Administration and Asylum Seekers Transforming the local immigration system has always been a priority for the current administration of the US, with Democratic President Joe Biden leading. Nevertheless, his government is heavily focused on certain vulnerable immigrant communities such as asylum seekers. This is mainly because, in the opinion of Biden and his…

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Families Separated at the Borders to Reunite within the US

DHS Secretary announces new plan to reunite immigrant families

Biden’s Order to Reunite Immigrant Families With the firm intention of reducing immigration in the US, both legal and illegal, former President Trump and his team adopted measures and implemented policies that considerably narrowed alternatives available to foreigners and, at the same time, created extremely risky environments and situations for the most vulnerable immigrant communities.…

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Family and Business Immigration are Strongly Connected

How are family and business immigration related?

Business immigration The US immigration system is quite broad and offers multiple alternatives for foreigners who plan to come to the country to work, study, reunite with their beloved ones, invest, travel as tourists, inter alia. One of the most important services offered by the local immigration system is the options available to foreign workers.…

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Former Attorney General Comments on Separation of Immigrant Families

Jeff Sessions regrets the separation of immigrant families under his supervision

Family separation at the borders under Trump’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” Former President Donald Trump never agreed with the idea of offering immigration benefits to people who decide to cross the US borders without legal documentation. In his view, offering undocumented immigrants a path to legal residence, whether temporary or permanent, or American citizenship would only…

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Biden’s Proposal Might Benefit Immigrant Families

Immigrant families could benefit from Biden's project

Trump tried to curb immigration amid the health crisis The sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic allowed the Trump administration to substantially restrict immigration in the US, which was one of its main goals since the former president launched his political campaign for the 2016 elections. The US, like many other countries, decided to…

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Immigrant Family Reunification Project Moves Forward

More parents of immigrant minors have been located

More parents of immigrant minors have been located Currently, the Biden administration is carrying out the family reunification project, which aims to reunite hundreds of immigrant minors, who are still in the custody of the US, with their parents. Certain policies of the Trump administration led to the separation of immigrant families at the borders.…

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Families Separated at the Borders may Remain in the US

Families separated under the Trump administration may remain in the US

Immigrant families separated at the borders by Trump’s policies Between 2017 and 2021, the Trump administration carried out one of the most comprehensive immigration plans in recent history of the US. Through hundreds of executive actions, the Trump administration transformed the immigration system, increasing eligibility requirements to enter the country and hindering humanitarian processes for…

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