Restrictions still in Place Affect Immigrant Families

Immigrant families affected by other restrictions still in place

Trump’s Muslim ban In January 2017, seven days after taking office, former President Donald Trump issued Executive Order 13769 called “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States,” which substantially limited the entry of foreigners from several Muslim countries. Through this order, the Trump administration paused the USRAP (US Refugee Admission Program)…

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Border Forces are Releasing Immigrants in the US Due to Mexico’s Restrictions

Border forces release immigrant families within the US

The US can no longer return immigrant families to Mexico Since March 2020, the US has been rapidly returning undocumented immigrants detained by border forces to Mexico and other countries on grounds of health emergency. In fact, the global COVID-19 pandemic allowed the Trump administration to restrict immigration and thousands of immigrants have been deported…

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Mexico no Longer Receives Immigrant Families from the US

Mexican law bans the US from returning immigrant families

The health crisis allowed the Trump administration to return immigrants to Mexico The sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic forced governments around the world to implement emergency measures to protect local populations, improve health system infrastructure, and boost the economy in times of crisis. Many countries decided to close the borders as a prevention…

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Hundreds of Immigrant Children Still Separated from Their Parents

Hundreds of immigrant minors have not been able to find their parents

Immigrant families separated at the borders The so-called “Zero Tolerance Policy,” which was officially implemented by the Trump administration in 2018, unleashed a gigantic humanitarian crisis as it led to the separation of immigrant minors from their parents at the borders, and hundreds of them have not been able to find them. To understand the…

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Executive Order to Reunify Immigrant Families

President Biden issues executive order to reunify immigrant families

Immigration policies led to the separation of families at the borders Reducing immigration was always a priority for the Trump administration, just as improving the immigration system is a priority for the current administration of the US, headed by President Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate who took office two weeks ago (January 20, 2021). To…

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First Lady to Oversee Immigrant Family Reunification Project

Family reunification plan will include input from First Lady

Separation of immigrant families at the borders In a tireless effort to reduce immigration in the US, the Trump administration implemented multiple policies, sparking a gigantic wave of controversy among the American population due to repercussions they generated. For instance, Trump’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” caught the attention of activists, immigration attorneys, and immigrant rights advocates…

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Activists Expect Biden to Repair Damages from Family Separation

Activists hope incoming administration reunites separated families

Trump policies increased family separation The constant effort to reduce immigration led the current administration of the US to implement policies that have received countless criticism due to repercussions they generated, which affected the most vulnerable immigrant communities and immigrant families who needed international protection while trying to flee persecution, violence and war. For instance,…

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A Possible Way to Reverse the Aftermath of the Separation of Immigrant Families

Zero tolerance policy and the Trump administration's vision on immigration

Zero tolerance policy and the Trump administration’s vision on immigration One of the key pieces of the political campaign of president Donald Trump has always been to reduce immigration, both legal and illegal. The Trump administration states that mass immigration is negative for the economy and that immigrant communities, especially those undocumented and those who…

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Hundreds of Immigrant Minors Cannot Find Their Parents

545 children separated from their families cannot find them

ACLU cannot find parents of immigrant minors The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), an organization that watches over human rights of the most vulnerable communities, stated on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 that it has not been able to find relatives of immigrant minors separated from their families at the borders between 2017 and 2018. ACLU’s…

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DHS to ask Immigrant Sponsors for More Financial Details

DHS will ask more financial information from immigrant sponsors

Immigrant sponsors The US immigration system is quite robust and offers a wide variety of alternatives that immigrants can use to request a legal residence permit issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), which is the branch of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) responsible for responding to immigration applications. One of the…

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