Deportation Lawyers help during COVID-19 crisis

Motion Law help you with your deportation Case

Changes in immigration policies The Coronavirus’ arrival brought chaos to the US. Almost every area of our daily life has been affected and there are communities that suffer the consequences more than others. For instance, many immigrant communities are going through a very difficult time as immigration policies changed abruptly during the COVID-19 outbreak in…

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Illegal Immigration Decreases due to Borders Closure

Illegal immigration decreases due to coronavirus

The decision to close the borders The Coronavirus brought many changes that forced governments to take emergency measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Since the US has been one of the countries most affected by the Coronavirus, almost all of the borders of the US are temporarily closed. Trump’s administration decided to close…

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DC Immigration Help during the Coronavirus Alert

Immigration help during coronavirus outbreak

Immigration Help during the Coronavirus Alert At this extraordinary moment in human history, we are facing adverse situations in many ways. The arrival of the Coronavirus has caused shock and concerns among citizens around the world. Many social areas are being negatively affected by the chaos that the virus has generated. One of those areas…

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