Immigration News Wednesday 18th May 2022

Learn About the Latest Immigration News as of 05/18/2022

Learn About the Latest Immigration News as of 05/18/2022 In addition to learning about the most recent changes to current immigration processes, it is also important to have the constant accompaniment of reliable experts. Contact Motion Law Immigration, schedule a FREE Consultation and follow the advice of our expert attorneys, who have vast experience when…

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Is Reaction to the Border Situation Necessary?

Panic is not necessary

Panic is not necessary According to a recent report, all the hype and panic going on around the border situation is completely unnecessary. Are you thinking about starting your immigration journey in the US soon? Or, do you need professional help to complete a pending immigration case? Either way, our team can help you. Contact…

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How Americans Really Feel About Immigration

Poll: Americans support immigration

Poll: Americans support immigration A recent poll reveals the true stance of American citizens on immigration. This comes in the midst of a gigantic controversy related to the border situation and political ideals that come before the midterm elections and, as always, the immigration sector is a mainstay. If you are about to begin your…

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Immigration News Tuesday 17th May 2022

Learn About the Latest Immigration News 05/17/2022

Learn About the Latest Immigration News 05/17/2022 Even though the last comprehensive immigration reform took place 35 years ago, the US immigration system tends to change periodically depending on many influencing factors, especially certain policies and specific processes. Therefore, before talking about today’s most important immigration news, we also want to extend an invitation for…

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Advocates Blame Courts for Immigration Controversy

Plaintiffs know where to turn

Plaintiffs know where to turn According to dozens of advocates, states that have sued the Biden administration over each and every one of its immigration plans know where to go. In fact, immigrant rights advocates state that, usually, plaintiff states choose judges who were appointed by former President Trump because they know their arguments will…

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Judge Intervenes in Border Restriction Case

Judge hears arguments on Title 42

Judge hears arguments on Title 42 On Friday, May 13, a federal judge in Louisiana heard arguments about the controversial Title 42 border policy. To understand the issue at hand, it is important to explain that this US Code statute has served as a means for CBP (Customs and Border Protection) officers to almost immediately…

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Immigration News Monday 16th May 2022

Latest Immigration News 5/16/22

Latest Immigration News 5/16/22 Understanding the local immigration system is a priority to get a positive response to your immigration case. This is because immigration policies in the US are not static, but rather tend to change and transform depending on the ideals of the country’s administration, global conditions, and many other influencing factors. Having…

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Weekly Immigration News May 9 – 14, 2022

immigration news recap for the second week of May 2022

Your Weekly Summary of Immigration News At Motion Law Immigration we like to work for your satisfaction. The success of your immigration case is our number one priority, and our team is highly qualified to guide you through your immigration journey in the US. Contact Us as soon as possible, schedule a FREE Consultation and…

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Immigration News Friday 13th May 2022

Latest Immigration News 05/13/22

Latest Immigration News 05/13/22 Talking about immigration can be quite complex as it is a subject that sparks a gigantic social controversy in the US. Therefore, when looking for information related to the local immigration system, it is imperative to follow reliable sources and analyze different points of view and opinions to reach the most…

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Divided Opinion on Immigration in the Senate

Senate faces mammoth debate on immigration

Senate faces mammoth debate on immigration Members of the Senate are facing a colossal debate when it comes to certain immigration bills, especially if it involves the economy. By this we mean that, since the country is facing a alarming worker shortages, there are some proposals that seek to attract more foreign workers or offer…

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