Immigration Remains a Path to Address Labor Shortages

Vacancies available - Some conditions on labor shortages

Vacancies available – Some conditions on labor shortages

Difficulty in recruiting qualified and suitable personnel remains one of the main conditions for which companies continue to report losses.

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COVID-19’s influence on the labor system

After more than two years of major efforts to adapt the ways in which goods and services are procured and delivered in response to biosecurity protocols, along with other conditions that have challenged the financial stability of thousands of U.S. businesses, there are now impediments to hiring and retaining qualified personnel to meet today’s high labor demand.

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Changing labor dynamics

An article published by Business Insider magazine addresses some of the conditions influencing the decline in employee numbers, including:

  • Due to the great health risk generated by the Coronavirus, many people have opted to apply for remote jobs. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of vacancies in face-to-face modalities, in essential services such as medical and culinary.
  • In addition to the regular retirement numbers, after the pandemic, many people close to retirement decided to accelerate their process, which caused an abrupt growth in the number of vacancies in many companies.
  • The change in social dynamics caused some people to leave their jobs and spend their time doing domestic work such as caring for children or the elderly. This decreases the number of people actively seeking employment.
  • There are currently some immigration policies that hinder the process to hire qualified foreign employees who meet eligibility requirements.

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Immigration as an alternative to meet labor demands

For economist Joseph Lavorgna, reconsidering some immigration rules and policies (established during the beginning of the health emergency) would stimulate the arrival of foreign workers who meet the conditions to obtain temporary or permanent work permits and could be the solution to overcome current difficulties in the hiring system of the US.

In fact, he states, “There are about 1.2 million adult foreign workers or work-eligible immigrants who are just not here because of the restrictions that have been imposed during the pandemic”. He also asserts that several proposed policies under the Trump administration have limited the possibilities to improve business immigration processes.

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