Immigration News Thursday 30th March 2023

Latest Immigration News 03/30/23

Latest Immigration News 03/30/23

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Other than that, here is the immigration news recap for Thursday, March 30, 2023:

Population decline in the US could be a long-term problem

The notorious reduction in the birth rate and the increase in mortality figures could be factors that weaken the country’s economy in the long term. Faced with this problem, experts believe that stimulating and encouraging immigration might be a practical solution. To learn more about this news, click here.

The future of the US and the transformation of immigration policy

Demographic transformations in the US always influence the country’s economic dynamics. In light of this fact, immigration has a key role to play in economic development in the coming years due to the low population growth of the last decade. To learn more about this news, click here.

The best path to immigration reform

A recent report analyzes the most viable possibilities for reforming the immigration system once and for all. To learn more about this news, click here.

Mexican press criticizes Biden’s immigration policies

A well-known Mexican media outlet openly criticizes the current immigration policies of the US. To learn more about this news, click here.

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