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Motion Law is a full service business immigration law firm. We help businesses and investors with their immigration needs through the process of applying for business visas. Depending on your specific needs and qualifications, Motion Law are able to advise which business visa or path to take in order to achieve your business and personal short or long-term goals. Whether you are looking to enter the US on a brief business trip, for a temporary or permanent stay, our expert business immigration attorneys will guide you through the best options to solve your business immigration needs.


B1 and B2 Visitor Visas

For individuals who are interested on a short business trip and do not intend to remain in the US, the B1/B2 visitor visa is a great option. On a B1/B2 visa you are able to make a brief business trip for contract negotiations, business consulting, or conferences. Applying is a reasonably uncomplicated process. To understand the qualifications and eligibility requirements and to find out if this visa type would suits your needs, please don't hesitate to contact Motion Law.

EB-5, and E-2 Investor Visas

The two main types of investment visas for immigrant investors are the EB-5 and E-2 Visa.

  • The EB-5 visa is for investors who are able to raise and invest at least nine-hundred thousand dollars in an approved Regional Center program. EB-5 visas help to create jobs in areas of high unemployment known as Target Employment Areas, (TEA's), and are a path to conditional permanent residence leading to eventual citizenship. For investors in New Commercial Enterprises (NCE's), outside of Regional Centre, i.e. in non TEA programs, the investment threshold has recently been raised from $1,000,000 to $1,800,000.
  • The E-2 visa is not a direct path to legal permanent residence; but in some cases only requires as little as $100,000 total investment. E-2 visas provide a temporary non-immigrant resident status for investors and their immediate family members and is a much quicker process which must be renewed every 5 years. This option is a great solution for investors looking to start a business in the US.

If you are interested in immigrant investor visa options but are unsure which visa route to take, please contact Motion Law business immigration attorneys today.

Employment Based Immigration Visas

If you are a corporation or a business owner looking into hiring immigrant workers for non-temporary and temporary visas, Motion Law are able to help you through your immigration visa process. There are many different types of employment visas available all depending on the type of employment and qualifications needed. Visa types include, but are not limited to: EB-1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, H-1B, H-2A, H-3, I, L, O-1, P-1A, R, and TN.

In addition to temporary work opportunities, there are 140,000 immigrant visas available each year to eligible workers and their families. Business visas of this variety are offered in 5 preference categories, and they can be differentiated as follows:


First Preference


For individuals with extraordinary ability in sciences, arts, education, business or athletics.
Second Preference


For individuals who hold advanced degrees in the arts, sciences, or business.
Third Preference


For professionals, skilled workers, and other workers.
Fourth Preference


For “special immigrants” such as religious workers, employees of US foreign service posts, retirees from international organizations, and other classes of aliens.
Fifth Preference


For certain business investors.


For individuals interested in studying in the US, Motion Law also provides expert attorney services through the F-1 and M-1 student visa process. We also have experience with OPT and J visas. To learn more about any type of employment or student visas, the application process, requirements and qualifications required, please contact us today!

Whatever your Business or Employment based immigration needs, schedule a free consultation with one of our experienced immigration attorneys and we will help you find the best solution. Motion Law's immigration attorneys understand the complexity of every type of business and employment based visa and will help you start the application process for your specific visa type today!


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