Labor Shortages Might Worsen Without Immigration

Labor shortages threaten the local market

Labor shortages threaten the local market

The US’ market productivity is facing a gigantic challenge due to labor shortages in most major sectors, and immigration might be the best solution.

Current labor shortages are so alarming that dozens of local businesses have had to stop offering their services because they cannot keep up with the needs and demands of the American population.

It is worth mentioning that American or US-based companies were already experiencing labor shortages even before the arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

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Immigration levels are linked to labor shortages

Several experts have conducted extensive research to understand why the US is facing the most alarming labor shortage in recent history.

There are several factors that increase labor gaps and worsen the situation for local companies.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Immigration. In fact, in one of our most recent articles we talked about a report that reveals that declining immigration levels are one of the causes of workforce shortages.
  • A large part of the American population is retiring and, as a result, the working-age population is shrinking.

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Immigration is a powerful tool to address labor shortages

Throughout history, immigration has been a great tool for the US to build the largest and strongest economy, and to be a world power in competitive sectors such as science, research and technology.

However, immigration levels have dropped considerably over the past few years due to the global health crisis and also due to policies and restrictions implemented by the Trump administration on all kinds of immigration processes.

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Without immigration, labor shortages could get worse

The reality is that, if the US does not do something to improve and expand legal immigration routes, labor shortages are likely to get worse in the short and medium term.

This is because, even if population growth increases over the next few years, there will not be enough local workers to meet the needs of the growing international market.

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