DC Immigration Help during the Coronavirus Alert

Immigration help during coronavirus outbreak

Immigration Help during the Coronavirus Alert

At this extraordinary moment in human history, we are facing adverse situations in many ways. The arrival of the Coronavirus has caused shock and concerns among citizens around the world. Many social areas are being negatively affected by the chaos that the virus has generated.

One of those areas is immigration processing, where we are ready to help you. Simply telephone us today and arrange a FREE Telephone Consultation with one of our experienced Attorneys. We await your call.

Motion Law Immigration assistance through the Coronavirus Lock-down

Motion Law Immigration has opted for emergency measures due to the circumstances we are currently facing with the Coronavirus. We have temporarily suspended our usual offering of ‘Face to Face’ Consultations at our Offices at 20F Street NW in Washington, DC. But we are still available to assist you quickly and effectively over the Telephone.

We are a firm who specialize solely in immigration concerns and processes. Our team of attorneys have the necessary experience to expertly advise anyone who requires immigration help.

We always offer exclusive guidance if you have any question about family or business immigration. We also specialize in deportation processes, appeals and many other areas.

Our main goal is to be able to provide people with constant support in any immigration request including extensions of B2 or other temporary Visas which may expire before you are able to travel again.

Schedule your FREE Telephone Consultation Today

We want all of our clients to be safe in their homes.

For this reason, we are inviting people to contact us by phone and obtain their FREE Telephone Consultation, in which we can provide legal advice for any immigration issue.

Our priority is to maintain a safe and sanitary environment within our immigration client community. Rest assured that our services will continue to have the same quality standards, regardless of the circumstances we are experiencing and that our contingency plans to process cases professionally and so provide our clients with all the confidence they need, are already in place and working smoothly.

To this end, if you are not yet a client of ours, we would like to offer you our specialized expertise so that you can feel in safe hands throughout your immigration process. We have adjusted our processes to allow us to continue with the course of new and current cases alike, in order to minimize disruption and progress applications as smoothly as possible.

Because we want to protect anyone who may be at risk, our Attorneys and Client Care Team are now also working safely in their homes, as you might be…

Visit us at our offices in DC when the restrictions are lifted

We are constantly monitoring changes in immigration policies, and even as we are now working remotely, we are always up to date on exactly what is needed to bring the best possible conclusion to your immigration needs.

Very soon we will hopefully return to normality in our DC Offices, however, for now we will be on hand 6 days a week to assist you by telephone and to help you with your immigration process. We would love to meet you soon after restrictions are lifted.

The dream of having a better future in the US should never be shattered by extraordinary social circumstances, we can still help to achieve these dreams for those who still wish to pursue them – if we work as a team and for the health and well-being of all concerned.

If you have any questions about an immigration issue or relating to a case you may have currently in Progress, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE Telephone Consultation with one of our expert immigration attorneys.

Simply call Motion Law today at: (202) 918-1799.