More parents of immigrant minors have been located

More parents of immigrant minors have been located

Currently, the Biden administration is carrying out the family reunification project, which aims to reunite hundreds of immigrant minors, who are still in the custody of the US, with their parents.

Certain policies of the Trump administration led to the separation of immigrant families at the borders. That is the case of the “Zero Tolerance Policy,” which states that undocumented immigrants who try to cross the borders without prior authorization must face criminal prosecution. Naturally, minors cannot face legal charges and, therefore, this policy led to the separation of thousands of minors from their parents.

The current problem lies in the fact that, during a pilot program carried out by the Trump administration between 2017 and 2018, more than 1000 children were separated from their parents, but federal entities did not properly record personal information and hundreds of minors have not been able to locate their parents after more than three years.

Now, the Biden administration is carrying out a family reunification project that has been quite successful. In fact, official figures show that lawyers and organizations involved in the logistics located 105 parents in the last month, which means that there are still 506 parents who have not been located.

Adding to that, lawyers state that 322 parents possibly faced deportation proceedings under the Trump administration and that is why locating them has been nearly impossible.

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The background of family separation

In 2020, when the real number of immigrant minors who had not been able to find their parents came to light, it unleashed a wave of social controversy in the US. Dozens of activists, immigration attorneys and immigrant rights advocates raised their voices and urged the Biden administration to repair damages caused by Trump’s restrictive policies.

Initially, at the end of October 2020, three years after immigrant minors were separated from their parents at the borders, an organization in charge of reuniting immigrant families stated that there were 545 cases of non-located parents.

However, this number increased to 666 in early November. When President Biden took office, he ordered his team to create an action plan to reunite immigrant families separated at the borders under Trump’s “Zero Tolerance Policy.” At the beginning of February 2021, the number of minors who had not located their parents decreased to 611 and in one month it decreased to 506. The Biden administration plans to reunite immigrant families as soon as possible and offer medical or psychological assistance if necessary.

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