Families Separated at the Borders to Reunite within the US

DHS Secretary announces new plan to reunite immigrant families

Biden’s Order to Reunite Immigrant Families

With the firm intention of reducing immigration in the US, both legal and illegal, former President Trump and his team adopted measures and implemented policies that considerably narrowed alternatives available to foreigners and, at the same time, created extremely risky environments and situations for the most vulnerable immigrant communities.

One of Trump’s most controversial restrictions is the so-called “Zero Tolerance Policy”, which states that undocumented immigrants apprehended at the borders should face criminal prosecution for violating local immigration law. Although this policy was not in effect for long, it created precarious situations for immigrant children since they cannot face legal processes. Therefore, it led to the separation of thousands of immigrant families at the borders.

Adding to the fact that separating minors from their parents can have lifelong psychological repercussions, immigration agencies did not implement follow-up measures and hundreds of immigrant children still do not know where their parents are after more than three years, who were possibly deported under the Trump administration.

Current President Joe Biden issued an executive order during his early days leading the White House, which directs certain federal entities to create strategies and action plans to reunite immigrant families separated at the borders during Trump’s term.

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DHS Secretary announces new plan to reunite immigrant families

Following President Biden’s order, Alejandro Mayorkas, current Secretary of DHS (Department of Homeland Security), stated on Monday, May 3, that immigrant families separated at the borders under the Trump administration will have the opportunity to reunite within the US and access multiple social benefits.

Initially, the DHS will reunite four families within the country to verify the project’s effectiveness and gradually allow the reunification of more immigrant families. Regarding this plan, Mayorkas openly stated, “Our team is dedicated to finding every family and giving them an opportunity to reunite and heal (…) They are children who were three years old at the time of separation. They are teenagers who have had to live without their parents during their most formative years”.

The Biden administration hopes to be able to reunite these families as soon as possible, however, in many cases there is no trace of the parents and several organizations are now involved in the reunification project, trying to locate them in their countries of origin or within the US.

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