Census Results Might Boost Immigration in the US

The US needs immigrants to balance the birth rate and the economy

The 2020 National Census and population growth

The National Census takes place every 10 years in the US and the Census Bureau is responsible for releasing and analyzing the results, as well as comparing them to other decades. Among many other things, the Census results allow the local government to know the population density of each state, allocate federal funds for each state to invest in infrastructure or other local needs, distribute seats in Congress depending on the population density and understand the economy’s behavior in relation to birth and death rates.

Regarding population density in general, the 2020 National Census revealed that the US had the lowest population growth in eight decades, which could tremendously affect the economy over the next decade as the working-age population will not be able to balance the retirement-age population.

Immigration and population growth

The 2020 Census results also indicate that the decline in immigration over the past four years, caused by former President Trump’s immigration policies, contributed to lower-than-usual population growth. This is because immigrant communities have played an essential role in the American social fabric throughout history and are also part of the local workforce.

It is important to clarify that the US has found its economic vitality and social strength in multicultural integration and racial inclusion. Thus, it means that the country might lose its status as the world’s largest economy if it doesn’t try to boost population growth through immigration.

In fact, in one of our most recent articles, we talked about an exhausting investigation that reveals that China could outperform the US economy if the country does not expand the local immigration system over the next several years.

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The US needs immigrants to balance the birth rate and the economy

According to a recent report by The Washington Post, the Census results reveal that, on the one hand, former President Trump’s anti-immigration arguments had no real support and could tremendously harm retirement-age citizens and, on the other hand, if the country does not act efficiently on population growth, soon there will not be enough workers to provide a good quality of life for American retirees.

The fact that the Trump administration restricted immigration between 2017 and early 2021 worsened the situation as the birth rate decreased in parallel, which could impede economic growth for decades to come if the current administration does not find a way to balance the working-age population.

The US birth rate is gradually decreasing and it is a difficult pattern to change because it is a personal decision whether to have children or not. Therefore, the country must find means to increase immigration through legal processes and welcome working-age foreigners, who will help balance the gap between retirees and local population growth.

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