Study Reveals the US Could Lose Economic Advantage Without Migrants

Without new migrants, China's economy could overtake the US'

Without new migrants, China’s economy could overtake the US’

According to a recent study by and George Mason University, the US might lose its international competitiveness and status as the world’s largest economy if it does not improve the immigration system to benefit local companies and increase legal immigration programs.

The study reveals that, if immigration levels continue with the current trend in the US, China would have the strongest economy in the world by the end of the decade. If this happens, the US will stop attracting talent from abroad and the economic system would gradually weaken.

Therefore, to prevent the North American country from losing international prestige, it is essential for Congress to analyze and favor certain immigration bills recently introduced, mainly since President Joe Biden took office at the end of January 2021, which could lead to comprehensive immigration reform.

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Legal immigration has a huge impact on the economy

Speaking specifically about the US’ immigration sector, irregular immigration is always a topic of conversation and controversy among the American population. However, legal immigration programs are often neglected because of how notorious illegal immigration can be and the repercussions it generates at both national and regional levels.

Despite the social controversy related to illegal border crossings, it is also important to understand and analyze the impact of legal immigration on the economy before taking a strict stance regarding foreign populations in the US.

Let’s look at some important points:

  • According to the Census Bureau, the US’ birth rate is declining more and more, which means that the working age population is also going to gradually decline, affecting the retiree population. Therefore, the arrival of new migrants, mainly working age foreigners, is extremely important to keep the economy afloat.
  • Immigrant populations, including the most vulnerable, often provide their services in essential sectors for the local market such as the US food supply chain, the education system or the health sector.

In fact, in one of our most recent articles, we talked about the opinion of several experts regarding the importance of paying attention to legal migration programs to boost the economy, especially those related to employment-based visas.

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