CBP reports highest number of illegal border crossings in 15 years

CBP reports highest number of illegal border crossings in 15 years

The US is currently facing a surge of illegal border crossings. Numbers were already rising since late 2020, after most Central American countries relaxed border restrictions related to the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, especially since February 2021, CBP (Customs and Border Protection) has reported an exponential growth in the number of apprehensions at the country’s borders, which includes unaccompanied immigrant minors, single adults and families.

In fact, official figures reveal that CBP encountered a total of 172,331 undocumented immigrants at the borders in March, who planned to enter the US without prior authorization and, the vast majority, request political asylum or access other humanitarian programs.

This is the highest number of border apprehensions since 2006, when entities such as CBP encountered, also in March, a total of 161,973 undocumented immigrants in the US’ border territory.

This is a red flag for the Biden administration, which plans to promote the first comprehensive immigration reform in decades, but the current border situation might affect its projects and delay the reform needed to improve the local immigration system.

It is important to clarify that many migrants apprehended at the borders, mainly single adults, are people who repeatedly try to enter the US and who are returned to Central American territory on grounds of health emergency.

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The Biden administration tries to improve the situation at the borders

The Biden administration is undoubtedly using all the tools at its disposal to improve the current border situation, especially when it comes to unaccompanied immigrant minors, who urgently need international protection and should not be returned to vulnerable environments where their integrity might be at risk.

Therefore, the Biden administration has opened several facilities to house immigrant children while they are transferred to a relative or sponsor within the US. Adding to that, both the president and his cabinet have sent direct and clear messages to immigrant populations trying to cross the borders without legal documentation, stating that it is not the right time to come to the country due to the health risk and the fact that the current administration still needs time to rebuild the local immigration system, which, in its opinion, has been broken for quite some time and worsened under the Trump administration.

Due to the current controversy and considering that crossing borders unlawfully is extremely dangerous, it is imperative for you to follow legal guidelines when starting your immigration journey in the US to protect your future.

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