Biden's plan to process immigrant families at the borders

The Biden Administration and Asylum Seekers

Transforming the local immigration system has always been a priority for the current administration of the US, with Democratic President Joe Biden leading. Nevertheless, his government is heavily focused on certain vulnerable immigrant communities such as asylum seekers. This is mainly because, in the opinion of Biden and his team, the Trump administration (2017-2021) caused damage to a long-broken immigration system and affected the most vulnerable immigrant populations.

It is worth mentioning that asylum seekers are people who usually arrive at the US’ borders or enter the country to request international protection since they are trying to protect their lives from risky situations such as persecution, famine, war and violence.

Therefore, currently, the Biden administration has a great commitment to asylum seekers after they went through truly difficult circumstances under the Trump administration, which tried to narrow the alternatives available to all kinds of foreign communities, including asylum seekers and refugees.

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Biden’s plan to process immigrant families at the borders

Since taking office in late January 2021, President Biden has lifted several restrictions implemented by former President Trump on the political asylum process and continues to try to improve conditions for these vulnerable populations, especially amid a global health emergency that worsened the pre-existing economic crisis in Central America, forcing thousands of families to migrate to the US to request political asylum.

As part of its plan to improve the immigration system, the Biden administration announced on Friday, May 28, that it will implement a plan to process immigrant families at the borders with Mexico more effectively and expedite their cases in immigration courts.

The Biden administration explained that through this expedited processing, immigrant families seeking political asylum at the borders will be able to receive a faster response as to whether they meet eligibility requirements to remain in the US under this humanitarian program, which will also allow immigration courts to reduce the large backlog of pending cases resulting from the Trump administration’s policies and the global COVID-19 pandemic.

It is important to clarify that, aside from the expedited processing plan for immigrant families at the borders, the Biden administration stated a couple of weeks ago that it will gradually lift certain pandemic-related restrictions that delay political asylum cases.

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