How are family and business immigration related?

Business immigration

The US immigration system is quite broad and offers multiple alternatives for foreigners who plan to come to the country to work, study, reunite with their beloved ones, invest, travel as tourists, inter alia.

One of the most important services offered by the local immigration system is the options available to foreign workers. The USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services), which is the entity in charge of reviewing and responding to immigration applications, offers multiple alternatives for local companies to attract talent from abroad through employment programs.

For instance, one of the most used programs is the H-1B visa, which allows local employers, usually medium or large companies, to hire highly qualified foreign workers in fields such as science, engineering, research, and technology, which greatly contribute to the US international competitiveness and allow companies to constantly innovate with the help of foreign workforce.

Other programs are also available for foreign farmworkers, inter-company transfers, and inexperienced foreign workers, which also allow eligible foreigners to gain work experience in the US and financially assist their families abroad.

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Family immigration

Aside from business immigration, the USCIS also offers several options for American citizens, certain foreign workers, and LPRs (Lawful Permanent Residents) to bring their relatives from abroad.

Family immigration programs are widely used by thousands of people annually and waiting times are often quite long due to the number of pending applications. However, when foreigners come to the US through family programs, they have the possibility to access multiple social benefits and, in many cases, apply for a legal employment permit.

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How are family and business immigration related?

Because the US immigration system has multiple branches, sometimes one might think that they are unrelated to each other. However, that is not always the case.

For instance, business immigration is typically more relevant to the American population and local businesses. However, family immigration could also be a source of employment and would allow other markets, apart from science and technology, to have the possibility to grow and boost the economy.

To give a specific example, certain spouses of highly qualified foreign workers, who hold an H-1B visa, have the possibility to apply for the H-4 visa and an EAD (Employment Authorization Document). They normally work in minority and small sectors, but they also incentivize cash flow and stimulate the US workforce.

Therefore, although it seems that business and family immigration are not related, it is quite the opposite. Family members of foreign workers or American citizens usually come to the country yearning to build a promising future and seek employment alternatives to find economic stability.

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