The Biden administration might transform the local immigration system

Biden’s vision regarding the immigration system

It is well known that former President Trump and his cabinet wanted to restrict and curb immigration, both legal and illegal. From 2017 to 2021, we witnessed how the Trump administration used all kinds of resources and tools at its disposal to increase eligibility requirements of most immigration processes and hinder alternatives available to the most vulnerable immigrant communities such as asylum seekers and refugees.

Despite former President Trump seeking re-election, the American public decided to give Democratic nominee Joe Biden a chance, who has a diametrically opposite view than Trump when it comes to immigration and vowed to reverse his predecessor’s restrictive policies to pave the way for comprehensive immigration reform.

Biden states that the local economy depends to a large extent on the presence of foreign workers, not only those highly qualified in important sectors such as science and technology, but also those who serve the US food supply chain such as farmworkers.

It is important to clarify that a high percentage of foreign farmworkers reside in the US undocumented. Thus, the Biden administration has also repeatedly stated that offering a path to legal permanent residence or even American citizenship to undocumented immigrants would strengthen the economy and incentivize multicultural inclusion.

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The Biden administration might transform the local immigration system

Usually, the US’ administrations focus on certain aspects of the immigration system more than others. However, the Biden administration plans to restructure the entire immigration system through different executive actions and seeking congressional approval on several immigration proposals.

If the Biden administration succeeds in meeting its goals despite pressure from opposition groups, the immigration sector would change dramatically in the US. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The way in which the federal government approaches irregular immigration and protocols implemented to increase surveillance and protection at the US borders.
  • Alternatives available to foreign workers.
  • Humanitarian programs for the most vulnerable immigrant populations such as the refugee or political asylum program.
  • How federal entities process immigration applications to reduce waiting times and the current backlog of immigration cases.

Therefore, because immigration has been a priority for President Biden since day one in office, we may see major changes to the immigration system over the next four years, which would benefit immigrant communities and local companies using immigration services to hire foreign workers when there are no trained local personnel.

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Now that the Biden administration is implementing multiple changes to the immigration system, opportunities may improve for immigrant communities, from asylum seekers to highly skilled foreign workers, and immigration processes may also change over the next four years.

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