US Embassy Spokesman Comments on International Students

Embassy spokesman in Beijing comments on student visa restrictions

China asks Biden to relax student visas restrictions

It is quite clear that former President Donald Trump always intended to reduce legal immigration levels and curb irregular immigration. Therefore, between 2017 and 2021, his administration pursued multiple action plans aimed at restricting immigration in general and narrowing the alternatives available to all kinds of foreign populations, including the most vulnerable immigrant communities.

One of Trump’s main reasons for restricting immigration was related to the US sovereignty and national security. In the previous administration’s view, the massive influx of immigrants, especially from certain territories, could become extremely negative and detrimental to the country.

To give a specific example, in mid-2020, Trump signed a Presidential Proclamation banning the issuance of certain visas to students from the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The former President explained that, on many occasions, Chinese students posed a threat to the US’ intellectual and technological property.

Recently, China’s foreign ministry spokesman called on the new administration (Biden-Harris) to lift Trump’s restrictions affecting Chinese students.

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Embassy spokesman in Beijing comments on student visa restrictions

On Thursday, July 8, 2021, the US Embassy spokesman in Beijing commented on current restrictions and the repercussions they create on Chinese students planning to come to North America to complete their higher education.

Regarding the restrictions implemented by Trump, he stated that they are necessary to protect the US’ technological property and to prevent China from taking sensitive information to develop its own military intelligence. However, the spokesman also explained that these limitations only affect 2% of Chinese students and exchange visitors.

President Joe Biden and his closest team have not yet commented on the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman’s request, although it is clear that his administration plans to continue removing restrictions, rules and limitations implemented by Trump on the local immigration system.

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The last four years have been quite peculiar for the immigration sector due to hundreds of changes made by the Trump administration. Adding to that, the sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic also contributed to immigration levels dropping considerably in the US.

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