What the US Immigration System Needs

What does the immigration system need to thrive?

What does the immigration system need to thrive?

A recent report takes an in-depth look at what the US immigration system would need to be effective when it comes to existing humanitarian processes.

The report focuses heavily on the fact that there is currently a great deal of support for possible immigration reform in the political arena, explaining that “there is one sensitive issue on which politicians of all stripes agree: the country’s immigration system is broken. That has been a common complaint for more than three decades but no solution is in sight.”

Therefore, as a major proposal, the report analyzes the possibility of political leaders of all stripes coming together in Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform, something that has not happened in decades but is absolutely necessary at this point in history.

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Things that are already beyond repair

Aside from the above, the report concludes that there are some aspects of the immigration system that should be completely restructured as attempting to fix them would be wasting federal resources and going against the natural flow of today’s world.

To give a specific example, the report explains that in order to improve the border situation and reduce mass irregular migration, the US cannot continue to use the same old policies and outdated border rules as that only worsens the social landscape, but must create new ways to process the number of migrants arriving at the borders.

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