New Bill to Improve the Border Situation

Political leaders propose new path to improve border situation

Political leaders propose new path to improve border situation

A group of House Republicans are on the verge of introducing a fairly ambitious immigration bill that seeks to improve the border situation.

In fact, Representative Chip Roy of Texas was the person who unveiled this new immigration bill, but there are more than 50 Republican members of the House of Representatives who support it and are co-sponsors.

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The political leaders’ proposal

If the Republican leaders’ immigration bill were to pass in Congress, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) secretary could deny entry to all migrants arriving at the US borders without documentation if he or she deems it necessary, including for things like lack of resources to process the number of migrants who are arriving at the borders every day or lack of trained personnel at the borders.

Adding to that, if the DHS secretary fails to use this measure when absolutely necessary, the country’s attorneys general would have the green light to sue the federal government.

However, this rather restrictive proposal is also receiving multiple criticisms, including from Republican political leaders. To give a specific example, Texas Representative Tony Gonzales openly stated, “We can’t allow the Republican Party to be hijacked. Trying to ban legitimate asylum claims — one, it’s not Christian, and two, to me, it’s very anti-American. So a lot is at stake.”

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