Supreme Court intervenes in the border wall case

The border wall as a strategy to reduce immigration

Since the current president of the US, Donald Trump, launched his political campaign in 2015, he has used immigration as a pillar for the presidential elections, especially illegal immigration.

In President Trump’s opinion, the number of immigrants crossing the borders unlawfully must be reduced at all costs and his administration has used the tools at its disposal to reduce massive illegal immigration, mainly from Central America.

In fact, the Trump administration wants to finish the border wall that separates the US from Mexico to curb illegal immigration and protect the local economy.

However, the construction of a wall of such magnitude carries quite high costs for the local government. Thus, the Trump administration has been embroiled in multiple legal complaints due to the diversion of national funds for the construction of the border wall.

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The Supreme Court of Justice intervenes

In one of our most recent articles, we talk about the verdict of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in early October 2020, which stated that the Trump administration must suspend construction of the wall in multiple areas of the border because it used funds earmarked for national emergencies.

More than 7 states are involved in the legal complaint against the Trump government and the Court of Appeals declared that using emergency funds for the construction of a border wall is illegal.

Adding to that, on Monday, October 19, 2020, the US Supreme Court of Justice intervened in the legal complaint regarding the border wall and will decide if the Trump administration should permanently suspend the construction of the wall in several states.

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Biden also plans to stop construction of the border wall

Presidential candidate Joe Biden, who represents the Democratic political party, disagrees with the Trump administration’s strict immigration policies and the border wall, which, in his opinion, isolates the US from the rest of the world and limits economic growth by restricting immigration.

Biden has stated multiple times that he does not plan to continue construction of the border wall if he wins the presidential election, which will take place in November 2020. He also does not plan to destroy what the Trump administration has built.

It is important to understand that the intervention of the Supreme Court in the border wall case could take a long time, multiple experts assure that the hearing will most likely take place in 2021.

Therefore, if the Supreme Court has not intervened and Joe Biden wins the election, the construction of the border wall will cease under his administration. On the other hand, if President Trump wins re-election, he may continue with the construction of the border wall until he fulfills his promise to encircle the entire border with Mexico.

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