FTC reveals that immigrants are being victims of phone scams

Current possibilities for undocumented immigrants

The current administration of the US certainly ushered in a new era for the local immigration sector. President Donald Trump has authored hundreds of modifications to immigration processes established by previous administrations.

The main goal of the Trump administration’s policies is to recreate the immigration system to carefully measure the flow of foreigners entering the country, as well as to decrease the number of visas issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), primarily to protect American workers, the economy, sovereignty, and local resources.

Adding to that, with President Trump leading the nation, undocumented immigrants, who crossed the borders unlawfully, have fewer opportunities to obtain legal residency permits compared to other administrations. For instance, during Barack Obama’s term, multiple programs were implemented for undocumented immigrants to legally reside in the country, a position diametrically opposed to the Trump administration.

President Trump openly states that immigrants who decide to cross borders without prior authorization are violating local law and therefore should not have alternatives to obtain work permits, much less American citizenship. In his view, this would only incentivize and increase the flow of illegal immigration.

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Constant fear among immigrant communities

Since illegal immigration is one of the targets of the Trump administration, it has massively used services from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), conducting operations around the US to detain undocumented immigrants and start deportation proceedings for them.

This has created growing fear among immigrant communities. By this, we mean that currently, not only do undocumented immigrants fear deportation, but immigrants who have valid permits also fear that their residencies are at risk due to policies of the Trump administration.

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Immigrants are victims of scams

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an organization that aims to prevent fraudulent or deceptive business interactions and its findings are an important tool for local consumers.

The FTC recently discovered that immigrants are falling victim to phone scams that instill fear and seek to ask foreigners for money.

Immigrants receive a call from an alleged ICE official, who tells them that their immigration status is at risk unless they pay a certain amount of money to prevent deportation proceedings or the revocation of their residence permits.

Scammers are taking advantage of the current controversy in the immigration sector and policies implemented by the Trump administration to deceive immigrants.

To prevent being victims of these scams, it is important to clarify that no federal entity has the power or right to ask for money. The FTC recommends that if you receive any such calls, you may call the federal agency and verify the information before proceeding with any transaction.

Is there any other solution to avoid fraud?

Having the constant accompaniment of experts is essential during these times of crisis. If you have the accompaniment of immigration attorneys, you will be able to prepare your application correctly and avoid being a victim of scams.

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