Supreme Court will take ove the MPP policy

The Trump administration’s stance on political asylum

Immigration has always been a fundamental piece of President Donald Trump’s political identity. His government aims to reduce the number of immigrants entering the US, including communities seeking international protection.

The US is the destination of thousands of immigrants fleeing danger, war, persecution and violence of their countries. Since the US is a world power, immigrants have the possibility to apply for political asylum or refuge to save their lives and build a promising future for their families in North America.

However, in the view of the Trump administration, asylum seekers:

  • Should not try to cross borders without legal documentation with the intention of seeking political asylum after entering the US.
    The current administration states that the vast majority of asylum applications are rejected because immigrants do not meet mandatory requirements, but that they take advantage of the opportunity to reside in the country while the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reviews their applications, becoming an unnecessary burden on the local economic system.
  • Should wait outside the US until they receive a response to their immigration applications.

It is important to clarify that due to the high number of applications, asylum requests can take between six months or even more than a year. That is why the Trump administration wants to prevent asylum seekers from residing in the US during this period of time.

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The MPP policy

The governments of the US and Mexico signed an agreement called the Migrant Protection Protocol (MPP). This policy was implemented in January 2019 and states that asylum seekers must wait in Mexico until they have a hearing with a local judge and receive a response to their immigration applications. In fact, this policy is commonly known as “Remain in Mexico.”

Typically, asylum seekers desperately flee the threat from their countries, thus, they arrive in the US without personal belongings or financial stability. That is why the MPP policy has drawn the attention of hundreds of immigrant rights advocates, who claim that the Trump administration is violating the human rights of the most vulnerable communities by denying them entry to the country when they need international protection.

The MPP policy sparked a gigantic controversy due to conditions in which asylum seekers live on the borders of Mexico and the case reached the US’ Supreme Court of Justice.

Supreme Court will evaluate the MPP case

On Monday, October 19, 2020, the Supreme Court announced that it will take over the MPP policy, most likely in early 2021, and will give its verdict regarding this rule implemented by the Trump administration.

Activists and immigration attorneys involved in the controversy hope that the Supreme Court will reverse this policy and allow asylum seekers to enter the US, avoiding risky and precarious situations for them.

Adding to that, the Supreme Court will also review a legal complaint about the Trump administration diverting military funds for the construction of the border wall that separates Mexico from the US.

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