Biden plans to stop the construction of the border wall

Trump’s border wall

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has always been characterized by its firm intention to reduce the number of immigrants that enter the US annually.

The Trump administration has stated on multiple occasions that mass immigration (both legal and illegal) creates negative repercussions and becomes an unnecessary burden on the country’s economic system.

Therefore, the president proposed several action plans during his candidacy to win the 2016 elections. Among those proposals was the culmination of the border wall that divides the US from Mexico. With this wall, the president intends to eradicate illegal immigration, or at least reduce it considerably.

Nowadays, according to the official report from the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), there are approximately 265 miles of border wall.

The Trump administration plans to continue constructing the border wall for the rest of the year and will use this proposal again to win re-election in November 2020.

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Biden’s position on the border wall

Joe Biden, the nominee for the presidency belonging to the Democratic political party, has different opinions regarding the Trump border wall.

For instance, during a virtual interview, the Democratic presidential candidate assured that, if he wins the elections, he does not plan to tear down what Trump has already built, but that he does not agree with continuing to build the border wall. He would stop the continuation of that project immediately.

In fact, Biden declares that he plans to continue protecting the borders using highly qualified technology to avoid affecting ecosystems.

The nominee states that it is important to him to reduce illegal immigration, but that there are multiple ways to reduce it without being extreme and without abruptly changing the immigration policies of the US.

Thus, immigration is also one of the pillars of Biden’s campaign, but his ideals on this matter are different to Trump’s.

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