Border wall construction expedites before Trump leaves office

The Trump administration and the border wall

Since the current president of the US launched his political campaign, reducing immigration has always been one of the goals of his administration. President Donald Trump, along with his cabinet, is primarily focused on curbing illegal immigration and “teaching a lesson” to undocumented immigrants who managed to cross the country’s borders without prior authorization.

Therefore, during his administration, mass deportations have increased substantially and undocumented immigrants do not have the same benefits or alternatives to request legal documentation as with previous administrations.

Adding to that, one of the pillars of his presidential campaign was the construction of the border wall that separates the US from Mexico.

The Trump administration argues that the border wall is essential to:

  • Curb illegal immigration.
  • Reduce workload for border officers and agents, who are employees of federal entities such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
  • Force undocumented immigrants to apply for legal entry only at authorized ports of entry rather than crossing borders unlawfully, including people trying to flee danger or persecution, who urgently need international protection.
  • Control and measure immigration to prevent it from becoming an unnecessary burden on the local economic system.
  • Avoid drug trafficking and smuggling.
  • Use immigration enforcement within the US, rather than across borders, to conduct operations, detain undocumented immigrants, and initiate deportation proceedings for them.

However, despite President Trump’s opinion and intention regarding the border wall, his administration has received countless criticism since the border wall:

  • Prevents the most vulnerable immigrant communities from seeking international protection through humanitarian programs within the US.
  • Affects and harms wildlife, native species, fauna, flora, and tremendously damages the local ecosystem just to fulfill a political proposal and a “xenophobic ideal.”

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Border wall construction expedites before Trump leaves office

The US’ presidential elections took place on November 3, 2020, and the American population elected Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, as the country’s 46th president.

Biden will take office on January 20, 2021, and as inauguration day approaches, President Trump and his Cabinet expedited the border wall construction before leaving office.

According to official CBP figures, there are currently 423 miles of border wall. The last time we talked about border wall construction in one of our articles, which was in mid-November, there were 402 miles. Hence, the speed of the border wall construction undoubtedly increased after the election results.

It is important to clarify that the Trump administration has already financed 738 miles of border wall and may not be able to complete the project before leaving office. Adding to that, the president-elect plans to stop the border wall construction and will not invest in that immigration project. Rather, Biden plans to increase legal alternatives for undocumented foreigners as a strategy to reduce illegal immigration.

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