Biden states that undoing Trump's immigration policies will take at least six months

Pressure on the Biden administration to improve the immigration system

Apart from the health crisis caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic, the economy and the health system, immigration was also a relevant issue during the US presidential elections, which took place in early November, 2020.

Although the two strongest candidates did not speak extensively about their immigration proposals, the American population has always considered this sector as controversial and important.

Adding to that, Trump’s restrictive policies increased controversy over the immigration system and citizens that voted for Biden hope that his administration will reverse Trump’s restrictions and implement more humane and less invasive immigration paths and alternatives.

To understand the issue at hand, it is important to clarify that, on the one hand, the Trump administration has always wanted to reduce immigration, both legal and illegal. Therefore, to meet this goal, his government has implemented hundreds of policies that substantially restrict and hinder immigration processes. On the other hand, Democratic nominee Joe Biden supports immigration, plans to lift Trump’s restrictions and increase benefits for immigrant communities, from asylum seekers and refugees, to undocumented immigrants and highly qualified foreign workers.

Thus, the pressure on the Biden administration to transform the immigration system and protect the most vulnerable immigrant communities is gigantic, and, recently, his transition team explained that for these changes to be effective, it will take time and they will not be visible as quickly as the American population would hope.

Biden states that undoing Trump’s immigration policies will take at least six months

Biden’s transition team stated (on Tuesday, December 22) that removing Trump’s restrictions and repairing or restructuring the local immigration system could take a considerable period of time due to processes that must be followed to achieve this goal.

That same day, during the evening, the president-elect participated in a press conference, where he discussed about the immigration sector and action plans to fulfill his promises.

Biden explained that, in order to protect the well-being of thousands of immigrants currently living on the borders of the US and, at the same time, the local population, his administration must undo Trump’s restrictive policies by following a specific strategy and avoid a humanitarian and immigration crisis.

Adding to that, the president-elect stated: “I will accomplish what I said I would do: A much more humane policy based on family unification. But it requires getting a lot in place (…) It’s not going to be able to be done on day one, lift every restriction that exists and go back to what it was 20 years ago and all of a sudden find we have a crisis on our hands that complicates what we’re trying to do.”

Biden concluded that, to undo Trump’s policies and begin to rebuild and restructure the immigration system, he will need at least six months.

The president-elect and his cabinet received multiple criticisms in less than 24 hours since, during his presidential campaign, Biden stated that he would improve the immigration system from day one in office. However, it is important to understand that the Trump administration took four years to substantially transform the immigration system and increase restrictions that affect the most vulnerable immigrant communities. Therefore, the incoming administration will also need time to adjust the necessary measures and protect the human rights of these communities.

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