The US and Cuba Make Progress on Immigration Talks

Progress in discussions between the US and Cuba

Progress in discussions between the US and Cuba

After weeks of talks, the US and Cuba are finally reaching agreements on immigration and how to handle the wave of migrants from the island, which has not happened in decades.

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Changes during the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the global Coronavirus pandemic, the US paused flights of undocumented migrants to Cuba, stating that it could be a means of mass spread of the virus.

However, after exhaustive talks, the Biden administration announced that Cuba will begin receiving flights from the US again in a regional attempt to address the massive irregular migration to the north of the continent.

Leaving aside immigration and all that it implies, it is important to mention that these discussions have also brought together two nations that have been in the midst of political tension for decades, which in itself is a breakthrough.

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Give yourself the opportunity to have a smooth immigration journey

Irregular migration will always be controversial in any society, and the US is no exception – that’s a fact. However, if you adhere to legal protocols and follow the laws to the letter, you shouldn’t have any major problems during your immigration process.

On top of that, it is also important that you understand, however slightly, how the local immigration system works so that you can assertively choose the program that best suits your particular case and have a smooth and manageable process.

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