The Impact of Immigration in International Competitiveness

Country's competitiveness improves with immigration

Country’s competitiveness improves with immigration

A recent report discusses the advantages that increased immigration could bring to the country, especially when it comes to economic competitiveness.

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Labor system difficulties

The US is currently facing one of the most difficult situations in history. The spread of the Covid-19 virus caused a phenomenon of labor attrition that put many employers in a bind.

In fact, dozens of employers have reported losses and reduced productivity due to the lack of qualified personnel.

Apart from that, they claim that they have difficulties in hiring workers since there is a reduced number of people looking for jobs.

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The immigration contribution

Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy recently published a report outlining some of the benefits that immigration reform could bring to the country’s economy.

Like this report, other studies speak of the positive impact of immigration, considering that it stimulates the productive system through the consumption of goods and services.

They also speak of the contribution of the immigration sector derived from the payment of taxes and services such as health insurance by foreign workers.

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Transforming the immigration system

Experts say that changing current immigration policies could bring great benefit to the US economy.

According to this proposal, broadening the policy dynamics to allow more foreign-born workers could help quickly resolve the hiring difficulties that are hurting businesses today.

With full payrolls, local businesses have a greater chance to compete nationally and internationally, which in turn benefits the country’s economic growth.

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