The Immigration Sector and Economic Development

Does the immigration system hinder economic development?

Does the immigration system hinder economic development?

U.S former labor Secretary and other experts comment on how the immigration system is affecting the economic development of American businesses.

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Nationwide worker shortages

Following the spread of the Covid-19 virus, a large number of direct care employees in various areas left their jobs to prevent the high risk of infection.

This sudden attrition led to an increase in the percentage of available vacancies across the country.

In addition, representatives of the business sector report great difficulty in retaining personnel from abroad, resulting in losses and reduced production levels.

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Former Labor Secretary comments on the situation

According to Martin Walsh, former Labor Secretary, the policies that make up the current immigration system make the situation worse for both foreign-born workers and American employers.

For Walsh, it is necessary to build policy actions that allow immigrant employees who do not have legal documentation to access a path to naturalization and thus retain the jobs they have held for years.

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Other experts comment on the situation

Senior Policy Analyst at the Migration Policy Institute, Julia Gelatt, says that if prompt action is not taken, the consequences of current worker shortages are likely to linger longer than expected.

Gelatt highlights the effects in areas considered essential such as health, culinary and construction.

For the expert, the main solution lies in the possibility of providing options to qualified foreigners who have the desire to work and stay in the US, but who so far do not have any legal option to obtain permanent residency or Green Card.

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