Protests in Support of Immigration Reform Continue

Protests continue to call on Congress to pass immigration reform

Protests continue to call on Congress to pass immigration reform

Over the past few weeks, several protests have taken place across the US to call on the Biden administration and Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform, which would open a path to legalization for hundreds of thousands of immigrants residing in the country undocumented.

To give a specific example, dozens of immigrant rights advocates, community leaders, activists and members of humanitarian organizations participated in a rally in Chicago on Friday, October 8.

During this protest, they openly stated, “We are here to demand citizenship for all. We all deserve to be safe in our communities (…) President Biden, we ask that you stop deportations and protect immigrant communities”.

It is worth mentioning that many of them are undocumented immigrants or even family members of undocumented immigrants, whose future in the US depends on Congress’ response regarding immigration reform.

Aside from that, at the end of September, a giant rally took place in the streets of Washington, which reached the White House, where protesters also pressured the Biden administration to include immigration reform in the 2022 budget package.

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Immigration reform seems to be in limbo

The reason why several protests are taking place across the country is because it appears as if immigration reform is in limbo after the Biden administration included an immigration resolution in the budget package.

Here are some important facts:

  • The Biden administration, through the spending bill, stated that it was imperative to open a path to citizenship for undocumented workers, who are essential to keep the economy afloat.
  • On September 19, the Senate Parliamentarian rejected the immigration language included by Democratic leaders in the spending bill, stating that it is not entirely a budgetary issue.
  • Democratic leaders slightly changed the immigration resolution in the budget package, but, on September 29, the Senate Parliamentarian again rejected this immigration language.

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Irregular migration continues to be a controversial issue

The Biden administration may include immigration language in the budget package despite the Senate Parliamentarian’s opinion. However, that does not assure that it will be approved by the entire Democratic caucus in the Senate.

At this point it is important to explain and emphasize that irregular migration is the subject that generates social controversy and not migration in general. Therefore, it is imperative to respect local immigration laws and follow regular processes to protect your future.

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