Senate Parliamentarian Rejects Immigration Resolution in Budget Package

Senate Parliamentarian disapproves immigration language in spending bill

Senate Parliamentarian disapproves immigration language in spending bill

After hearing arguments on Friday, September 10, the Senate Parliamentarian rejected immigration language in Biden’s 2022 budget package on Sunday, September 19.

Broadly speaking, Democrats included an immigration resolution in the spending bill that would allow approximately 8 million undocumented foreigners to apply for legal residency and eventually American citizenship.

Democratic leaders explained to the Senate Parliamentarian that including a path to citizenship for essential foreign workers in the budget package was an effective tool to boost the economy after the global Coronavirus pandemic.

However, certain Republican leaders and even some Democratic members stated that including an immigration resolution in the budget package was invalid as it was not directly related to the national economy, and was only a means to circumvent Republican filibuster in Congress.

The Senate Parliamentarian stated in her ruling that opening a pathway to citizenship could impact the economy to some extent, but that it is not essentially a budgetary issue. According to the ruling, passing this immigration language would mean “by any standard a broad, new immigration policy.”

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Biden’s long-shot on immigration

Usually, in order to bring about immigration reform involving the legalization of undocumented immigrants, any administration needs bipartisan support from Congress to implement lasting immigration policies.

However, it is highly unlikely that the Biden administration will get bipartisan support in Congress at this time, especially in the Senate, and that is why it decided to include the path to citizenship in the budget package, which is being introduced through the reconciliation process.

The budget reconciliation process would have allowed the Biden administration to accomplish immigration reform without going through the Republican filibuster, with only 51 votes in the Senate instead of 60.

Nevertheless, the immigration resolution also needed approval by the current Senate Parliamentarian, who is a former immigration lawyer. Clearly, the Biden administration’s plans regarding immigration in the budget package have been blocked by the Senate Parliamentarian.

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The best alternative to protect your future

It is quite evident that irregular migration will always be a controversial issue among the American population and political leaders, even more so now that the country is experiencing a surge of illegal border crossings.

Therefore, despite the Biden administration’s desire to protect certain undocumented workers, the best alternative to protect their future in the US is to follow legal guidelines and expert advice.

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