Proposed Federal Budget Resolution Includes Immigration

The Biden administration includes immigration in budget resolution

The Biden administration includes immigration in budget resolution

On Monday, August 9, 2021, the Biden administration unveiled the “FY2022 Budget Resolution Agreement Framework”, which was sent to Senate Democrats for respective review.

The Biden administration plans to use the reconciliation process to pass this proposal, which will allow it, provided it meets certain eligibility requirements, to officially implement this budget package with only 51 votes instead of 60 votes in the upper Chamber of Congress, the Senate.

Broadly speaking, Biden’s budget reconciliation instructions for fiscal year 2022, which starts in October 2021, propose a total of $3.5 trillion to invest in different sectors and for different purposes, also taking into account that the US is trying to recover from the devastating economic crisis brought by the global Coronavirus pandemic.

For the past few weeks, there were rumors that the Biden administration planned to include immigration legislation in the budget resolution and, according to the initial framework released on Monday, it is indeed a done deal.

The proposed budget resolution states that, if passed, the Biden administration would use $107 billion to provide lawful permanent status to qualifying immigrants (including undocumented foreigners), and invest “in smart and effective border security measures”.

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Biden’s ambitious ideals regarding immigration

The Biden administration has always wanted to improve the immigration system to benefit foreign populations in general, including undocumented immigrants. In fact, just a couple of days after President Biden took office in January, he unveiled a rather ambitious immigration bill, which is still under congressional review.

Adding to that, the current administration of the US is heavily focused on removing rules and policies implemented by former President Trump, which substantially restrict and hinder most existing immigration processes. In doing so, the Biden administration plans to pave the way for the first comprehensive immigration reform in decades and reshape the immigration system from its roots.

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Obstacles the Biden administration has faced

Despite Biden’s firm intention to restructure the local immigration system, his administration has faced gigantic challenges related to irregular migration levels. This is because, since the beginning of the year, border forces have reported an increasing number of undocumented immigrants apprehended in the border territory, a fact that has undoubtedly intervened, affected and delayed Biden’s immigration plans and ideals.

Thus, the current administration decided to use the reconciliation process to introduce immigration legislation because, in light of the current border situation, it will most likely not gain bipartisan support in Congress through the regular protocols.

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