Republican Leaders Keep Calling for Strict Border Policies

Republican Governors push Biden to restrict border traffic

Republican Governors push Biden to restrict border traffic

It is no secret that several Republican leaders, including members of Congress and governors, are pressuring the Biden administration to implement or re-implement stricter border policies to curb mass irregular migration at all costs.

This pressure from Republican leaders comes amid the most alarming surge of illegal border crossings in decades, which has increased exponentially since the beginning of the year, just after the change of administrations (from Trump to Biden).

In fact, last week, a group of 10 governors traveled to border territory located in Texas, where they introduced an action plan to improve the border situation and urged the Biden administration to reuse rules implemented by former President Donald Trump’s administration.

Adding to that, President Biden is not only receiving requests from these Republican leaders, but he is also feeling pressure from activists and immigrant rights advocates who supported his campaign at election time and who are calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

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COVID-19 cases increase amid border controversy

According to a recent Daily Kos report, it is quite curious how certain Republican leaders pay so much attention to the border situation, but seem as if they are unaware of conditions within their own states regarding the global Coronavirus pandemic.

With respect to this apparent contradiction, a Voice of America activist openly states “The cynicism of this ploy couldn’t be more obvious (…) They deny and dismiss the ravages of COVID-19. They want to distract from their failure to protect their state’s residents, so they fly to Texas”.

Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, probably what one should ask is, are the Democratic and Republican leaders currently taking an appropriate approach to the border situation? And what has the past taught us about strict border policies, do they really bring benefits and lasting solutions?

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The current administration is working to improve the border situation

The reality is that regardless of what the Biden administration tried to do about the border situation or whether it succeeds in improving the processing of immigration cases at the borders, irregular migration will always be a contentious issue among the American population.

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