Protests Take Place to Support Immigration Reform

Protesters call on Congress to pass immigration reform

Protesters call on Congress to pass immigration reform

On Tuesday, September 21, hundreds of thousands of immigrants, immigrant rights advocates and activist groups protested in the streets of Washington, where they called on Congress to pass immigration reform to open a path to citizenship for Dreamers and other essential undocumented workers.

To understand the issue at hand, it is important to know a couple of facts:

  • The Biden administration included an immigration resolution in the 2022 budget package, which proposed to open a path to legalization for approximately 8 million undocumented foreigners.
  • On Sunday, September 19, the Senate Parliamentarian rejected the immigration language in Biden’s budget package, practically intercepting immigration reform through the budget reconciliation process.

Therefore, following this event, thousands of Dreamers (young immigrants who came to the US as children) and other undocumented immigrants who are also essential workers, came together to rally against the Senate Parliamentarian’s decision and call on Congress to act as soon as possible to protect essential foreign workers.

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Dreamers and other foreign workers face uncertainty

President Biden, since taking office in January 2021 and even during his political campaign, has emphasized the need to protect undocumented foreign workers from deportation, especially because they are a pillar of the national economy.

That is the reason why the Biden administration decided to include the immigration resolution in the budget package. However, after the Senate Parliamentarian’s decision, Dreamers and other essential workers are once again in limbo and living in the shadows despite being an essential part of the local socio-economic fabric.

Therefore, they are asking the Biden administration to continue the fight to offer them permanent benefits. However, it is important to recognize that entering the country without prior authorization involves the violation of local immigration law and, therefore, will always be a rather difficult and contentious issue.

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The best learning experience regarding immigration

The US has always benefited from the presence of immigrants and continues to be the number one destination for thousands of foreign nationals from all over the world, which makes for a robust and extensive immigration system.

Therefore, the local immigration law is quite clear when it comes to what is allowed and what is not. That is why the decision you must make to have a successful immigration process is to always follow legal guidelines and avoid irregular migration at all costs.

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