Dreamers hope for support from Senate Parliamentarian

Dreamers amid uncertainty after DACA ruling

More than 600,000 young undocumented immigrants, called Dreamers, have resided in the US thanks to a deportation relief program called DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which offers them amnesty for two years with the possibility of extension and the opportunity to work and study legally.

Dreamers are immigrants who were brought to the US without legal documentation when they were minors and, despite having grown up inside the American culture, they do not have access to legalization since they entered the country without prior authorization. Due to this fact, this immigrant community has always been embroiled in a gigantic social controversy.

The Obama administration implemented the DACA program in 2012, in an attempt to protect young immigrants who are essential workers, entrepreneurs, bright students, business founders, and ultimately a pillar for the national economy.

However, in July 2021, a federal judge for the Southern District of Texas ruled in favor of a lawsuit filed by several states, declaring that DACA does not meet the mandatory requirements to be a legitimate immigration benefit and immediately suspended new applications.

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Dreamers hope for support from Senate Parliamentarian

The Biden administration, in another attempt to protect undocumented foreign workers, included an immigration resolution in the 2022 budget package that could open a path to legal residency for eligible Dreamers, TPS (Temporary Protected Status) beneficiaries, undocumented farm workers and other essential foreign workers.

This proposal has already passed the US House of Representatives and hundreds of thousands of Dreamers await with faith and excitement the ruling of the Senate Parliamentarian, who heard arguments on the budget package on Friday, September 10 and must give her opinion regarding the immigration resolution soon.

Dreamers state that this is the last hope they have to be able to continue building their lives in the US as they always have, but finally coming out of the shadows and putting aside the constant fear of deportation.

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The current administration wants to help Dreamers

Since the Texas judge’s ruling on DACA, the Biden administration has tried to provide support for Dreamers and even appealed this verdict to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday, September 10.

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