DHS Secretary comments on the MPP policy

DHS Secretary comments on the MPP policy

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of DHS (Department of Homeland Security), recently commented on the MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols) policy, which must be reinstated following the order of a Texas federal judge and the US Supreme Court.

Mayorkas openly stated that this policy, also known as “Remain in Mexico”, forced thousands of asylum seekers to live in temporary camps in border territory, “where conditions are inhumane”, and where these vulnerable migrants do not always have access to basic services.

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The MPP and what it represents for asylum seekers

The Trump administration implemented the MPP policy in 2019, which states that asylum seekers cannot enter the US unless they receive political asylum status from an immigration judge.

Therefore, under this policy, asylum seekers must remain in Mexican territory while they receive a response to their immigration applications, which often takes several months or even more than a year due to the alarming backlog of asylum cases across the country.

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Texas Judge intervened in Biden’s projects

President Biden gave the green light to suspend the MPP policy in January 2021, during his first days in office. After that, in early June, DHS permanently rescinded this program, stating that it was inefficient and unnecessary.

On top of that, the Biden administration proposed a resettlement plan to allow asylum seekers enrolled in the MPP policy to gradually enter the US, provided they met certain eligibility requirements.

Thus, it is quite clear that the Texas judge’s order to reimplement the “Remain in Mexico” program is a huge obstacle to the Biden administration’s plans when it comes to the political asylum process.

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The current administration still plans to rescind the MPP policy

Now, following the judge’s order (which was upheld by the Supreme Court), the Biden administration is discussing the possibilities of implementing a different MPP policy, one that is more humane and aligned with the values of the US as an immigrant nation.

However, Biden and his team have also been quite clear in the fact that they do not support this rule at all as it can tremendously affect the integrity of asylum seekers.

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