The Biden administration plans to fight the MPP decision

Controversy surrounding the MPP reimplementation

During his first days in office, President Biden and his team suspended new enrollments in the program implemented by his Republican predecessor (Donald Trump) called MPP (Migrant Protection Protocols) or “Remain in Mexico”.

As the name implies, this policy states that asylum seekers must remain in Mexican territory until they legitimately receive political asylum status from an immigration judge, which usually takes several months. Otherwise, they are not allowed to enter the US.

In June 2021, the Biden administration permanently rescinded the MPP policy, opening a door of hope for asylum seekers who had been waiting in Mexico under truly precarious conditions.

However, in early August, a federal judge in Texas, who curiously was appointed by former President Trump, ordered the Biden administration to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” program, stating that the way in which it was ended did not comply with regular protocols.

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Supreme Court upheld Texas Judge’s ruling

The Biden administration tried to ask the US Supreme Court to block the Texas judge’s order. However, the Supreme Court did not grant Biden’s petition and upheld the decision to reimplement the MPP policy.

The Supreme Court explained that this is a similar case to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) under the previous administration, when former President Trump tried to eradicate this program that protects young immigrants, but also failed to follow the regular process for doing so.

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The Biden administration plans to fight the MPP decision

Following the Supreme Court’s intervention, the Biden administration stated that it disagreed with the decision to reinstate the MPP policy, but would follow the order while finding means to appeal the ruling.

The Biden administration, more specifically the DHS (Department of Homeland Security), has openly stated that it will not stop in its attempt to rescind this policy, which, in its view, puts at risk the integrity of vulnerable asylum seekers, who are in urgent need of international protection.

In fact, in late August, this federal entity argued, “The Department of Homeland Security respectfully disagrees with the district court’s decision and regrets that the Supreme Court declined to issue a stay (…) DHS has appealed the district court’s order and will continue to vigorously challenge it.”

Now, the Biden administration is trying to implement a softer, more humane MPP that will not affect the lives of thousands of asylum seekers.

To learn about Biden’s plans for this policy: Biden Plans “Remain in Mexico” Reimplementation

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