Biden Protects Immigrant Victims of Crime

ICE will no longer be able to detain crime victims

ICE will no longer be able to detain crime victims On Wednesday, August 11, 2021, the Biden administration issued new guidance for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), which states that ICE agents will no longer be able to detain immigrants who have been victims of crimes, except under certain conditions and specific scenarios. It is…

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Immigration Judges may Suspend Certain Deportation Cases Again

Immigration judges may shelve certain deportation cases again

The Trump administration barred judges from suspending certain deportation cases It is no secret that former President Donald Trump, who led the White House from January 2017 to January 2021, always had the firm intention to reduce immigration levels in the US in general, that is, both illegal and legal. To achieve this goal, the…

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Number of Immigrants Detained Under the Biden Administration Increases

The number of immigrants detained in ICE centers is growing

Immigrant arrests decreased amid global pandemic The DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has several branches focused specifically and solely on the immigration sector. For instance, one of the entities in charge of enforcing immigration law is ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), which conducts investigations and operations to detain undocumented immigrants, both in border territory and…

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The Biden Administration Plans to Reorganize ICE Duties

The Biden administration plans to reorient ICE

ICE under the Trump administration ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) is one of the branches of DHS (Department of Homeland Security), which is currently in charge of enforcing immigration law within the US. Among many other tasks, ICE: Supervises immigration detention centers across the country. Conducts investigations and operations to detain undocumented immigrants who might…

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Ending Immigrant Detention Through Community Support Services

Report reveals there are other alternatives to immigration detention

The US Detention and Deportation System Immigration is usually a very relevant issue among the American population because thousands of foreigners try to reach the US annually. However, more than legal immigration, the most particular and controversial issue is irregular immigration. Thousands of migrants try to enter the US without prior authorization and, because they…

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Judge Indefinitely Blocks Moratorium on Deportations

Judge indefinitely extends restriction on Biden's moratorium on deportations

Biden’s proposal to temporarily suspend deportations Regarding immigration, both President Joe Biden and his team have always emphasized the need to improve the immigration system, lift restrictions implemented by the previous administration, and offer assistance to the most vulnerable immigrant populations in times of global crisis. To give his administration time to review current protocols…

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ICE Must Follow New Guidelines for Deportation Proceedings

New deportation guidelines for ICE agents

Biden’s plan to freeze deportations for 100 days How federal entities handle immigration is a priority for the Joe Biden administration. The current president, who took office on January 20, 2021, has mentioned on several occasions that the US government has a duty to reform the local immigration system, which has been broken for a…

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Judge Extends Restriction on Biden’s Moratorium on Deportations

Judge extends order on deportation pause

Biden proposed restructuring the US detention and deportation system The Biden administration has always emphasized the need to reform the local immigration system in accordance with current international demands and the role of immigration on the economy. Biden’s proposal promotes comprehensive immigration reform that includes not only visa processes and humanitarian programs, but also the…

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The US Deported Newborns to Mexico

Investigation reveals the Trump administration deported newborn Americans

Expedited deportations on grounds of health emergency The sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly allowed the Trump administration to implement so-called “express removals,” which refer to the power granted to border forces to deport undocumented immigrants in a matter of hours in times of crisis. This unconventional emergency measure allows entities such as…

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Biden Might Narrow ICE Arrests and Deportations

The Biden administration plans to curb arrests and deportations

Immigration law enforcement within the US The US immigration system is quite extensive and can also be complex. By this, we refer not only to options available for foreigners to come to the country through visa programs, but also to the local detention and deportation system. It is well known that the US is the…

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