Report reveals there are other alternatives to immigration detention

The US Detention and Deportation System

Immigration is usually a very relevant issue among the American population because thousands of foreigners try to reach the US annually. However, more than legal immigration, the most particular and controversial issue is irregular immigration.

Thousands of migrants try to enter the US without prior authorization and, because they are violating local law, are usually detained by border forces and deported, unless they meet certain requirements to be able to submit their immigration applications and have the opportunity to remain in the country.

Undocumented immigrants detained by border entities such as ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) or CBP (Customs and Border Protection) are normally taken to immigration detention centers, where they must wait for their immigration cases to be resolved or until their deportation proceedings are completed.

Annually, the federal government invests quite a large sum to keep these detention standards and to be able to house undocumented immigrants in these facilities and, on many occasions, it has had to seek third-party services because ICE centers do not have enough space for the number of immigrants apprehended at the borders or within the country.

For instance, during the Trump administration, contracts with private prison companies were a regular thing, which also increased immigration detention costs over the past four years (2017-2021).

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Report reveals there are other alternatives to immigration detention

Recent research by the American Immigration Council reveals that there are alternatives other than detention centers to handle irregular immigration and enforce immigration law both at the borders and within the US, which would be less costly and more effective.

In fact, in November and December 2020, a voluntary survey of 244 non-governmental organizations across the US reveals that there is a wide range of support services for undocumented immigrants. Many of these organizations, about 42%, would be willing to offer housing services to immigrants while they complete their processes.

Post-survey analysis reveals that using community support services would help the federal government to reduce the costs of the immigrant detention and deportation system and would also offer more humane conditions to undocumented migrants, who, in their vast majority, need international protection and yearn to apply to humanitarian programs such as political asylum.

Adding to that, the arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic demonstrated that immigration detention centers do not always offer decent conditions and are usually overcrowded, which could put the integrity of the most vulnerable immigrant communities at risk. Other than that, financing these kind of facilities is undoubtedly a burden for taxpayers, that is, American citizens.

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The report also reveals that having legal representation during immigration processes is essential for immigrants to follow legal guidelines correctly and prepare their cases efficiently and effectively.

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