Unfinished border wall lowers border security

The purpose of Trump’s border wall

The border wall that separates the US from Mexico has always been an essential piece of the current president’s political campaign. The objective of the border wall is to curb illegal immigration from Central America, as well as to reduce the workload of border agents from entities such as CBP (Customs and Border Protection) or ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Apart from that, in the opinion of the Trump administration, the border wall forces immigrants to arrive at authorized ports of entry and apply for legal permits there, reduces drug trafficking and other illegal activities that could pose a threat to the American population.

Reducing immigration, both legal and illegal, is an essential issue for President Trump and the border wall has helped his administration to have a different approach with immigration, although the investment to build this wall, coming mainly from federal funds, is quite high.

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Trump expedited the construction of the border wall after the presidential elections

The American population had to elect the next president of the nation on November 3, 2020, amid the health crisis caused by the global Coronavirus pandemic. Democratic nominee Joe Biden took the victory and will take office on January 20, 2021.

During his political campaign in 2016, President Trump promised to finish the border wall by 2021, which was not possible. Currently, there are 452 miles of border wall and the Trump administration already funded approximately 738 miles. However, since the current president will have to leave office soon, his team expedited the construction of the border wall after the presidential elections. In fact, most of the wall was built during 2020.

Adding to that, President Trump traveled to Texas today (Jan.12) to oversee the progress of the border wall and highlight the benefits of separating the borders to curb illegal immigration.

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Unfinished border wall lowers border security

In order to build the border wall in sparsely populated, arid or desert areas, Trump’s team has to build temporary roads to be able to erect the high steel and concrete walls.

However, since President Trump expedited the construction of the border wall recently, will have to leave office in a week and the president-elect will stop the construction of the wall, there are certain areas of the border that will have provisional roads instead of the border wall, where previously there were only impassable mountainous area, which could increase illegal immigration.

In fact, according to the testimony of inhabitants of some border areas and witnesses to the construction of the wall, illegal crossings have increased in several places where there are now roads, but previously there were only rocky, inhospitable and dangerous environments, which prevented illegal immigration in those areas.

Hence, they state that illegal immigration is likely to increase through these open roads after President Trump leaves office.

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