Trump comments on Biden's decisions on the immigration sector

Trump’s public appearance after leaving office

Former President Donald Trump appeared publicly for the first time after leaving office during the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Campaign) and commented on several issues that he considers relevant such as the way in which Biden is leading the US administration and the 2024 elections.

It is no secret that former President Trump always wanted to reduce immigration in the US. For the past four years, we have witnessed how far the executive branch can go when an administration has the intention and determination to restrict and limit immigration. In fact, the Trump administration focused not only on curbing illegal immigration, but on hindering all kinds of immigration processes, from humanitarian programs such as political asylum or the refugee program, to employment-based visa programs.

Explaining his ideal of reducing immigration, former President Trump stated on multiple occasions that, in order to protect sovereignty, the US values, local resources, and American workers, it is essential to control, measure and restrict immigration, modify existing policies to allow the entry of “good immigrants” and avoid the presence of “bad immigrants.

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Trump comments on Biden’s decisions on the immigration sector

During his public appearance, former President Trump criticized the way in which the current president, Joe Biden, is approaching the immigration sector and stated, without verifiable arguments, that his policies are putting the integrity of unaccompanied immigrant minors at risk, who are victims of gangs and other illegal groups as they try to reach the borders of the US because of Biden’s promises.

Former President Trump primarily criticized Biden’s immigration bill, which seeks to promote the first immigration reform in decades. Trump stated that if Congress passes Biden’s immigration proposal, that would only incentivize and increase irregular immigration. Aside from Biden’s immigration reform plan, Trump undermined the decisions of the new president regarding surveillance and protection at the borders.

Because of his stance regarding the Biden administration, former President Trump hinted that he plans to launch his political campaign again for the 2024 election and declared that a Republican president should be leading the nation.

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