More flexible immigration policies might be the solution

The US administrations and immigration

Usually, the US immigration system tends to change periodically, either slightly or considerably, depending on the goals, proposals and ideals of the country’s administration.

It is no secret that millions of foreigners choose the US as their destination and yearn to build a promising future in the North American territory. Adding to that, there are multiple processes available to foreigners, from humanitarian alternatives and deportation relief programs, to visas based on employment or family ties. Due to the fact that the flow of foreigners is quite high, immigration has always been a controversial issue among the American population, which means that the country’s administrations must approach this sector cautiously and assertively.

However, the US administrations tend to be quite rigid when it comes to the immigration system. On the one hand, there are administrations that do not support immigration and use all the tools at their disposal to restrict the entry of immigrants and hinder existing processes. That is the case of the Donald Trump administration, which substantially increased limitations on all kinds of immigration processes, from humanitarian programs such as political asylum, to employment programs for highly qualified foreign workers.

On the other hand, there are administrations that support immigration and also use all the tools at their disposal to expand alternatives available to immigrant communities and implement more welcoming and less arbitrary immigration policies.

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The US could adopt more flexible immigration policies

After the sudden arrival of the global Coronavirus pandemic, the world had to relearn how to relate to the environment and to adopt emergency measures to protect populations. Thus, it is imperative to be flexible enough to be able to restructure the most important sectors of our society in times of crisis and globalization.

Returning to the issue of immigration, both administrations with a strict stance on immigration and those with a welcoming stance tend to have a rather rigid vision, which makes it difficult to modify immigration policies depending on current global needs.

In fact, the last comprehensive immigration reform in the US took place in the 80s, when the internet was not even considered a necessity and when technological development and globalization were not essential. Therefore, current immigration policies are not always in line with global needs and could even delay the socio-economic growth of local companies.

One of the viable solutions to reduce the controversy around the immigration sector is to adopt more flexible policies, so that the US administrations can reshape them depending on current circumstances, unexpected situations and any other event that may happen suddenly.

If the US administration does not adopt more flexible immigration policies, the country may stop attracting talent from abroad, affecting important sectors such as science, technology and engineering.

According to the opinion of a retiree from the high-tech industry, who calls himself a conservative, “We should include in our processes the mechanisms to allow our immigration policies to adjust over time to reflect evolving American attitudes, changing needs as a country, and/or handling critical geopolitical issues.”

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