Trump's officials plan to increase restrictions for employment-based visas

The global Coronavirus pandemic and work visas

The health condition of the US is quite alarming as it became the main epicenter of the global Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the health crisis, the pandemic also brought an economic, social and political crisis.

Therefore, the Trump administration had to act quickly to protect the health of the local population, as well as to safeguard resources to restore the economic balance of the country.

One of President Trump’s main focuses has been the immigration sector, not only during the current juncture, but since he took office in 2017. However, the arrival of the pandemic helped his administration to implement multiple measures that substantially restrict the ability of foreign workers to come to the US.

In fact, the current unemployment rate is so alarming that the Trump administration decided to suspend the issuance of employment-based visas, at least until 2021. With this, the president intends to protect the jobs of the local population, as well as avoid unnecessary competition between foreign workers and American citizens during the current juncture.

However, dozens of critics, activists, nonprofit organizations and tech companies declare that the Trump administration is using the health crisis only as an excuse to fulfill its immigration agenda.

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The Trump administration could increase restrictions on business immigration

In one of our most recent articles, we talk about multiple companies that filed a lawsuit against one of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) entities for repeatedly denying H-1B work visa requests for qualified foreign workers.

Broadly speaking, plaintiffs claim that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) does not understand what the term “specialized occupation” means and has rejected several applications of market research analysts under the hypothesis that they are not specialized occupations.

Therefore, Trump administration officials declared that they plan to present a new regulation that specifies the definition of “specialized occupation”, reducing the possibility for local companies to request specialized foreign workers under this premise.

The Trump government says it is essential to offer available job positions only to the American population during the health crisis to reduce the current unemployment rate and protect the sovereignty of the US.

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Despite restrictions put in place by the Trump administration on the business immigration sector, there are still multiple options available to you.

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