The Chamber of Commerce Intervenes for Immigration

Chamber of Commerce shows interest in immigration

Chamber of Commerce shows interest in immigration

In a recent statement, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Suzanne P. Clark expressed the Chamber’s interest in supporting policies that would allow more skilled foreign workers to enter the US.

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Skilled worker shortage

Never before has the US reported such a high demand for workers as it does today.

Among the consequences of these worker shortages are the following:

  • Many employers have reported considerable losses as they have been unable to fill vacancies in their workforce.
  • Disruptions in the basic supply chain due to the lack of sufficient personnel for transportation and distribution throughout the country.

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Immigration as a strategy to reduce inflation

For Clark, the current inflation degree is mainly due to worker shortages, so she believes that streamlining the processes for more qualified foreign workers to obtain employment permits might be an effective strategy to freeze inflation.

However, there are currently no clear policies or proposals that would allow more foreign workers to enter the US, thus, the Chamber of Commerce has decided to step in with a proposal within the policy arena.

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Supporting candidates interested in expanding immigration

Despite the political differences that representatives of the Chamber of Commerce have expressed with certain members of the House of Representatives, they recognize that the decisions made in the branches of Congress have a significant influence on the economic outlook for years to come.

As such, the Chamber of Commerce wants to provide a financial boost to the campaigns of representatives who support increased business immigration for the mid-term elections (November 2022).

According to Clark’s statements, they will support candidates in both parties who are committed to free enterprise and advancing the interests of the business community.

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The potential impact on elections and immigration benefits

This Chamber of Commerce initiative could be a determining element for the mid-term elections, as it is one of the most important representations of the business sector.

If this entity succeeds in its intention, there would be more possibilities in the legislative arena for the immigration sector.

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