Immigration Policies Under the Biden Administration

Biden's immigration changes

Biden’s immigration changes

After an administration that was characterized by tightening and restricting immigration, President Biden’s proposals during his political campaign sought to expand opportunities for all kinds of foreign communities.

While the Trump administration established a series of legal measures to limit the entry of migrants into the country, Biden’s governing agenda is aimed at repealing many of those limitations and expanding the margin of approval for certain policies that benefit immigrant populations.

The following is a brief overview of the proposals included in the current President’s immigration agenda and his actions during his first year in office.

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Extending foreign residency permits

Within his plans, Biden proposed to expand the coverage of certain residency permits. Let’s see some important facts:

  • Biden increased the annual refugee limit, which changed from 18,000/15,000 during Trump’s term to 62,500 by 2021.
  • The current administration seeks to implement mechanisms to expedite the processing of political asylum applications.

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Eliminate Green Card caps

Another of Biden’s proposals is to eliminate the annual cap on Green Cards, which grant lawful permanent residency, such as:

  • The 7% per country cap, which, along with streamlining the processing, would allow more families to obtain lawful permanent residency in less time.
  • Eliminating the annual cap on employment-based Green Cards.

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Opening a door to legality

The Build Back Better bill is one of the proposals that would benefit a large portion of the nearly 11 million immigrants who do not yet have legal documentation, but who have resided for a considerable time in the US and meet additional eligibility criteria.

However, this proposal has had certain difficulty in passing as the Senate Parliamentarian recently rejected the immigration language included in this spending package. This decision by the Parliamentarian could reduce the scope of the original proposal.

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Proposals in the current political landscape

It is important to keep in mind that some of these proposals remain on the political agenda, but their passage or implementation has not been defined.

Therefore, it is imperative to seek the advice of professionals in the field when starting your immigration process as they are up to date with the most recent changes to local immigration policies.

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