The Biden administration introduces piece by piece immigration bill

The Biden administration to reform the immigration system

Since Joe Biden launched his political campaign for the November 2020 elections, he has commented on the importance of repairing the entire immigration system by removing the previous administration’s restrictive policies and promoting comprehensive reform to attract talent from abroad, protect the global economic flow in times of crisis and offer alternatives to the most vulnerable immigrant communities such as refugees and asylum seekers.

In fact, for the Biden administration, reforming the local immigration system is not a task that may be postponed, but a first-hand issue and a priority. President Biden has stated on multiple occasions that the presence of foreigners in the US is an advantage and a strength to the economy and that most immigrants are part of the local workforce and are essential workers in times of crisis, who provide their services for the benefit of the American population.

Thus, President Biden and his cabinet have acted on the immigration sector from day one in office (January 20, 2021), issuing memoranda, proclamations and other executive actions to gradually shape the US’ immigration system according to their ideals, promises and goals.

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The Biden administration’s immigration bill

Like other administrations, the Biden government initially planned to present a rather ambitious immigration bill for Congress approval. However, the last comprehensive immigration reform took place 35 years ago, in 1986, and throughout the recent history of the US, Congress has rejected proposals from previous administrations to restructure the entire immigration system.

Thus, almost a week after President Biden took office, his administration evaluated the possibility of breaking the immigration bill into pieces to prevent Congress from rejecting all the proposals, but instead being able to review them one by one.

Dozens of experts and activist groups have applauded the Biden administration for taking into account the history of previous administrations, dividing the immigration bill in order to promote comprehensive reform, and not making the same mistakes when it comes to the immigration sector.

The Biden administration introduces piece by piece immigration bill

On Thursday, February 18, the Biden administration officially introduced the “US Citizenship Act of 2021,” which is the most ambitious immigration bill in decades. Biden and his team chose to present it piece by piece to make progress in at least some important areas of the immigration sector despite the fact that Congress may reject other proposals.

President Biden made a statement regarding the immigration bill and openly expressed: “The legislation I sent to Congress will bring about much needed change to an immigration system where reform is long overdue.”

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